This Isn’t An Intellectual Battle

A reader asked yesterday how long I thought it would take to turn the tide?

Hopefully the November elections will make a big difference. But long term, the problem is much larger. Religions exist because people need something to believe in.

When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing — they believe in anything. –  GK Chesterton

Global climate disruption has taken on the status of a full religion. Every weather event is now interpreted as a sign that the gods are displeased with mankind’s behaviour. 10/10 is now making human sacrifices. The entire movement wants to pay tax penance for their sins.

Superstitious religions survive for thousands of years, without any basis in fact. Believers will grasp at anything which fulfills their immediate psychological needs.

You can’t win this battle intellectually. You just need to make sure that the people running governments are not mentally ill.

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9 Responses to This Isn’t An Intellectual Battle

  1. AndyW says:

    Well if that is the case, it has become much of a religious dogma, then you just need someone to pop the bubble like was done centuries before.



  2. R. de Haan says:

    The only way to get out of this mess is to vote skeptics into power determined to end this hoax. They will need to introduce a “Code Napoleon” to stop the hoax from raging within our governmental organizations and our media and hold the legislation, grants and policies.

    In the mean time we have to continue to blog about the truth, the real facts and inform and educate the public.

    Don’t underestimate the principal of “who pay’s the bill and who bears the consequences” because this is still a strong motivator.
    The moment people see their power bills rise (which is already the case in many countries) and they are confronted with restrictions and additional taxes (like the CO2 tax on air transport) they will lose their religion very fast.

    When the Dutch for example introduced a CO2 tax two years ago, hundreds of thousands of travelers booked their tickets to fly from airports in Germany and Belgium where no CO2 tax had to be paid.

    The Airport Amsterdam Schiphol is still feeling the economic downturn of that decision.

    I really think the subject of climate change will become the center of political arm wrestling and those politicians who are in support of the hoax will be send home.

    However it will take years the unravel all the rules and regulations aimed at CO2 reduction that are already in place.

    We still have a long way to go.

  3. spepper says:

    It has become very clear that climatology has been hijacked in recent years by a radical minority of globalists who abuse the science for the expressed purpose of promoting eugenics– along the way, certain politicians have been recruited and became “unofficial spokespersons” such as Al Gore– and certain corporations have produced fraudulent market schemes (carbon trading) based on the propagandistic fraudulent, hijacked, quackery version of climatology– and now, those in the media who have staked their careers on promoting the fraud are the ones responsible for elevating it to a “world religion”, and if you’re caught publicly denouncing it by producing evidence to the contrary, they attempt to brand you as “hater”, “heretic”, “racist”, “just plain stupid” etc, in other words, attacks that they themselves are guilty of…….

  4. Martin says:

    The culture of environmentalism has seeped down to the state, county, regional and local governments. It’s embedded deeply in the “governing class” mentality of many, if not most, civil servants. Many of them don’t look critically at the “science,” just dumbly trust the national and international scientific bodies.

    Even those with very conservative, free market ideals don’t have a clue that they’re being “had.” Bush was shamed into signing the 2007 act banning light bulbs, because he couldn’t fight the scientific bullying.

    That’s why it will take more than political upheaval. We need loud and public admissions from the scientific community that the climate situation is not what it was portrayed to be.

  5. NoMoreGore says:

    The problem for our friends in Europe is that most or all of their politicos are members of the cult. In the US, we are fortunate that Inhofe and others questioned, and have now built a coalition that includes nearly every GOP member. Now we just need to get rid of the rest of them. Sites like this one also play a huge part because thru other conservative sites, many in Washington have been educated.

    Take note of presidential candidates in the last several years:

    For those who cared about CAGW, Gore was the certain victor of the 2000 election. (and he carried the popular vote) I have read (tho cannot prove) that when Bush took the White House, Soros approached him about Climate legislation. Bush called a meeting of scientists, and decided: NO – for which (reportedly) Soros was furious.

    Who ran against G.W. in 2004? Why, Kerry and Lieberman, architects of the current climate bill.

    And when 2008 came around, ALL serious contenders were Climate cult believers – McCain, Hillary, and Obama. My take is that international money flows into the coffers of these candidates to press them forward in the race. And it will likely happen in 2012 as well. Look for RINO believers to surge forward with huge backing. The GOP must reject these candidates for those who carry a true conservative message. (I certainly hope)

    Our political left is sympathetic for global governance because it would overwhelm our US Center Right vote with Socialist and Communist influence from abroad. The interests of our electorate have become inconvenient for them. They want to get their way at any cost: including betrayal of their country.

    Now they dream up “international” regulations of every sort, for which there are fees and taxes, opening the door to global taxation. It’s an act of treason, essentially selling our citizenry into slavery before a global collectivist government….. which sees the USA as a giant Turkey Dinner for themselves and the rest of the world. The next two elections are more important than anyone realizes.

    And the resultant government must SLAY the AGW vampire with a wooden stake. It must not just be brushed aside, but destroyed beyond all doubt, and EVERY LAST scrap of AGW legislation repealed, (and in my view) An executive or congressional order (for national security purposes) implemented – to halt ALL environmental challenge to development (relegating it to congressional mandate only)

    Only then can we restore our infrastructure, such as 100 refineries, 200 new coal fired plants or Thorium reactors, and securing our domestic supply of resources. What I see happening is a worldwide plan to weaken and eventually destroy America, so that she may be overwhelmed by those who lust for her riches. We would do well to kick the UN off American soil, and strip every eco plot they have hatched with state and local governments from law as well.

  6. Jimash says:

    “Who ran against G.W. in 2004? Why, Kerry and Lieberman,”

    That was Kerry and Edwards. I know it’s hard to remember Edwards,lol.
    Otherwise agree.

  7. Amino says:

    If Arctic Ice decreases during a +PDO then……….. um……………ah…………. ahhhh……………..

    GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!!!

  8. Paul in Sweden says:

    The study of climate is important. Climate changes. It would be great if we could determine on a regional level which regions will suffer drought and which will be subject to floods. We could better plan the building of infrastructure to accommodate the agriculture needs.

    When will the tide turn? After the November elections is a good guess. The important factor in turning the tide are fair hearings. With the change in balance expected in congress fair hearings are a real possibility.

    On the legal front… The other shoe hasn’t dropped yet with the EPA. Until the EPA actually sticks it’s neck out, there really isn’t going to be a court challenge. Once CAGW actually makes it into a United States court room somebody better wake up the fat lady because she is going to sing a sad sad song for the CAGW movement.

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