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The Greenland Meltdown

Ever dipped your foot in a glacial stream? Pretty darn cold it is. Now, imagine massive quantities of cold, fresh water pouring off the Greenland ice sheet as the sheet collapses. Must be a lot of cold water around Greenland. … Continue reading

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Why Do They Prey On The Young?

Young people are easy targets for predators. The are a captive audience in schools, where they can be forced to watch blatantly false propaganda like Al Gore’s movie. http://scottthong.wordpress.com

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Dr. Hansimian Forecast Update

Dr. Hansimian forecast 6-8 hurricanes this year, and we are currently at seven  (including minicanes and formerly invisicanes.) It is good to see one of the good doctors getting his forecast correct.

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Arctic Ice Extent Now Above 2005 Levels – Second Highest In The DMI Record

From DMI – http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/icecover.uk.php

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Anthony On Nuuk

Anthony Watts did some more research on the bogus GISS Nuuk graph. Good read at WUWT.

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As Usual, John Cook Doesn’t Get It

The reason why alarmists are able to continue in that mode, is because they have difficulty with comprehension and logic. John Cook thinks he is being clever by pointing out that sea level is rising long term. No one is … Continue reading

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Guardian Identifies Osama As A Climate Activist

More good reporting from The Guardian. The day before the BBC warns that Osama is about to attack Europe, the Guardian wrote this piece about him. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/oct/02/osama-bin-laden-climate-change

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Kudos To The Guardian

September brought some fine investigative journalism from The Guardian On September 18, they exposed large sections of the global climate disruption movement as fascists intent on destroying democracy. It is time to acknowledge that mainstream environmentalism has failed to prevent … Continue reading

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Ice Forecast Post Mortem

My PIPS-based June ice extent forecast minimum (dashed line) was off by 11%. Starting in mid-August, persistent winds blew from the south – pushing the ice edge back and melting out the thinner ice. Once the winds stopped, that same … Continue reading

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Put Down That Ruler ….

http://pubs.usgs.gov/fs/2004/3062/#fig3 The linear trend has become the scourge of climate science. We see linear trend lines drawn through every imaginable non-linear behaviour, and the graph above is a classic example. The trend line shows that Colorado River water flow has … Continue reading

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