Climate Change – The Final Solution

h/t to Reader “Eyes Wide Open”

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11 Responses to Climate Change – The Final Solution

  1. Douglas DC says:

    Hatred of young people, hatred of young people with dark skin, hatred of
    a population that is healthy, happy and prosperous,
    except for them…

  2. NoMoreGore says:

    I think this new version presents this cult for what it really is/will become if left unchecked. This is the sequel people need to see. Nicely done.

  3. ChrisD says:

    The original was a really bad video–as evidenced by the virtually universal outcry against it from both sides–but anyone who thinks that it demonstrates “hatred of young people” or that anyone is actually considering blowing up school children is operating with a tenuous grip on reality.

    • There is no question that it is a hate message intended to intimidate and bully young people. That was the whole point of the movie.

      • ChrisD says:

        Oh, puhleeze.

        The whole point of the movie is that we can all do little things to reduce carbon emissions a little bit. It was very badly done, but to call it a “hate message” is just ridiculous.

      • Nice hearing from the twilight zone.

        You advocate sending people snuff flicks of their children as a motivational tool?

        Thanks for that thought Guido.

      • ChrisD says:

        You advocate sending people snuff flicks of their children as a motivational tool?

        I already said twice that it was terrible. If this weren’t so typical of the way you like to misstate everything said by anyone who disagrees with you, it would be funny.

        And…”Guido”? What’s that, exactly?

  4. Douglas DC says:

    Millions of Children die each year from the discontinued use of DDT in Africa.
    10/10’s 300,000 is but a drop in the bucket,and we are supposed to get worked
    up about something that isn’t even documented?

  5. Amino says:

    SONY drops 10:10

    As a result we have taken the decision to disassociate ourselves from 10:10 at this time.

  6. Rui Sousa says:

    Now, that is satire !

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