No Correlation Between New York Sea Level And CO2

The Day After Tomorrow

In 1988, Dr. Hansen forecast that Manhattan would be partially submerged by now due to CO2.

He must believe that there is a strong relationship between sea level rise rates and CO2. That is a simple theory to test, because NOAA keeps sea level data for New York. I plotted their entire data set vs atmospheric CO2 for the same dates.

As you can see, there is no correlation between sea level rise rates and CO2. The fastest sea level rise occurred around 310 ppm, barely above pre-industrial levels.

When Dr. Hansen made that prediction, Al Gore had not yet invented the Internet – so it was more difficult to get data.


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6 Responses to No Correlation Between New York Sea Level And CO2

  1. spepper says:

    Is it just me, or has anyone noticed that the best they can do, even by manipulating the data sets, is to come up with sea level variances of SINGLE DIGIT MILLIMETERS? Oh but I suppose that’s enough for certain individuals to scream from the mountaintops that we’re all doomed– unless we submit to global governance NOW…..

  2. M Carpenter says:

    I think some where along the line Dr. Hansen must have incorrectly thought that 100mm = 1 Metre instead of 1000mm? ;0)

  3. spepper says:

    And come to think of it, a few millimeters of extra sea level would actually be beneficial, not harmful– a whole bunch of extra cubic tonnage of “carbon sinking”…..

  4. ChrisD says:

    Al Gore never said he invented the Internet.

    How much more stuff are you going to make up?

  5. ChrisD says:

    Oh, for God’s sake. That was a JOKE. He said it at a fundraiser, where he appeared following Bush, who also spent most of the time lampooning himself. “Sorry I was late, but I was busy inventing the Internet.”

    Sarcasm, get it?

    He never said that he “invented” the Internet. Repeating this ancient myth does little to enhance your credibility.

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