Hansen – Minnesotans Control The Climate With Their Thoughts

People who do not like cold weather, and might have welcomed the idea that Minnesota may become more like Missouri or Massachusetts like Virginia, must give up that notion, unless they wish ill for a large fraction of the planet’s inhabitants, both human and other creatures.

In short, if Minnesotans don’t spend their day thinking what Hansen thinks about – they are committing genocide in some far away land.

So don’t think evil climate thoughts. Someone might press that red button!


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3 Responses to Hansen – Minnesotans Control The Climate With Their Thoughts

  1. Douglas DC says:

    This man is certifiable. When I lived on the Southern Oregon Coast, during that big
    ’97/’98 El Nino, one of our local WWF/Green Pea$e drones said over a Beer at
    the local pub-“In five years, we’ll be Santa Barbra!!!” An old Fisherman, grizzled and
    worn, looked at him and “Yeah, we can only hope.”

  2. omnologos says:

    Got my fair share of terror today, lady from HR told me “fill up this form, please, NO PRESSURE”…

  3. Stop Global Dumbing Now says:

    Those evil Minnesotans are at it again.

    And my favorite

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