Those Who Fail To Learn From History

Are doomed to repeat it.

The Vatican believed that Earth-centric non-believers threatened human survival. After all, the Vatican’s top scientists could plainly see that the stars go around the Earth. Harsh action was required.

The Ku Klux Klan believed that Blacks were destroying America. Harsh action was  required.

The Nazis believed that Jews were destroying Germany. Harsh action was required.

Some Islamic groups believe that Infidels threaten the world. Harsh action is required.

10:10 and their fellow travelers believe that global warming non-believers threaten the world. Harsh action is required.

It is the same mental illness which drives all of these groups.

But …  uum … this time like it is different  … cause we have like computers and like scientists and Al Gore and stuff…. We are like really smart ….


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6 Responses to Those Who Fail To Learn From History

  1. Eyes Wide Open says:

    Not sure if you saw this spoof of the 10:10 video but it’s brilliant. The scary thing is that far too many of THEM actually think along these lines.

  2. Jimash says:

    How was that done ?
    I can understand how the explosions and extra blood were added but what about the empty chairs and desks ?
    Could this really be an outtake of a more extreme version ?

  3. Byz says:


    looks like you’ve swallowed some protestant propaganda 😦

    You just need to see James Burke’s original “connections” series to see the accurate history.

    Having come from both a Protestant and Catholic pan-european background I am aware of both points of view, plus the European view of the UK and the USA.

    You must not forget that Copernicus was a Catholic Priest and was ostracised for his refusal to become a protestant. Also the theory of the “Big Bang” was originally proposed by Monsignor Georges Henri Joseph Édouard Lemaître again a Catholic Priest and this theory was derided by many atheists including Fred Hoyle (who later changed his views) and he coined the term “Big Bang” as a derisory term of Lemaître’s theory, but ironically the name stuck.

    Now as far as I am aware at the time of writing the Sun is still considered the centre of the solar system and the Big Bang is still the commonly accepted theory for the birth of the solar system.

    Isn’t it ironic (or ignorance) that Galileo is always dragged out (especially by the BBC)
    but the other two which were real discoveries are forgotten (Copernicus is often mentioned but his faith and the fact that he was a Priest to his death are forgotten).


    PS Gregor Johann Mendel the Father of Genetics was also a Catholic Priest and again his faith is ignored 😦

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