US : More Than 750 Days Since Hurricane Landfall

NY Times Photo

The last hurricane to make landfall in the US was Ike, on September 13, 2008. You might remember that Ike was The Hurricane Of Certain Death. That was more than 750 days ago – one of the longest hurricane free stretches on record.

Global warming theories tell us that there will be more hurricanes, fewer hurricanes, monster hurricanes, and stronger hurricanes.

One thing for sure, the non-existent hurricanes hitting the US are probably very powerful.


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3 Responses to US : More Than 750 Days Since Hurricane Landfall

  1. Philip Finck says:

    You can be sure that the next one that makes landfall will be the largest, greatest dollar cost of damage, symptomatic of the `world wide increase’ in hurricanes and typhoons, an omen of things to come, ……….. and additional gibbirish, nonsense and out right lies.

  2. hal says:

    I hope one hits an oil company.

  3. SBVOR says:

    Click here to further debunk AGW hurricane hysteria.

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