As CO2 Increases -Tornadoes Decrease

The worst tornado outbreak in US history occurred in 1974 – the year Nixon resigned. There were at least 163 tornadoes in 13 states. More than 300 people died. Was this due to “global warming?”

According to the experts, the modern period of global warming began in the 1970s. NOAA records severe tornado counts each year, so it is simple enough to correlate severe tornadoes vs. atmospheric CO2 during that period. The plot below shows that relationship.

It turns out that as CO2 has increased, the number of severe tornadoes has decreased.

Claims that CO2 increases extreme weather are once again shown to nothing more than superstition.

Do I believe that CO2 affects tornadoes? Absolutely not. I’m just pointing out that the claimed relationship between CO2 and severe weather is complete, unadulterated nonsense.

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