Ozone Layer Expected To Recover in 25 Years

From the Russian press today.

The ozone layer will recover by 2035. If the correct calculations of scientists, by this time the ozone concentration rises to the level of 1980. The article, in which a group of scientists from different countries, from Britain to Japan, analyzes the recovery of the ozone layer, is aimed for publication in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Researchers, using data on atmospheric dynamics, the mathematical model is designed to answer the question of how to change over time the concentration of ozone.

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1 Response to Ozone Layer Expected To Recover in 25 Years

  1. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    So 25 years, I thought it was 2050, this changes daily, thing was there never was a hole that was different to those before satellites were invented. Solar flares and probably also the CFCs produced by volcanoes control the size of the hole, on a couple of spray cans.

    The Carrington event and other flare activity has more effect on the hole then humans.

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