Climate Modification In Russia

Russia has been experimenting with climate modification for decades, so Mother Nature got really pissed off at them this past summer. But how did their efforts work out last winter?

Moscow Testing Cloud Seeding; Promises Winter Without Snow

Posted by Jay Michaels on 10/19/09 • Categorized as Offbeat, Weather Technology

(METEOROLOGYNEWS.COM)  When one thinks of Moscow in the winter, visions of snow-covered domes and Russians cloaked in fur coats often come to mind.  But if the mayor of Moscow has his way, this winter will be much different.  It will be a winter without snow.  And recent observations of the skies over Moscow indicate he may have already tested out his plan…with some eye-catching results.

How did that work out for him?

A total of 392,000 cubic meters of snow have been removed from Moscow streets in the past 24 hours, a spokesman for the Russian capital’s authorities said Sunday. He said since the start of the winter, over 17 million cu m of snow have been cleared in Moscow. Meteorologists say February has seen record snowfalls in the Russian capital in the past 40 years.

Don’t mess with Mother Nature.

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1 Response to Climate Modification In Russia

  1. bruce says:

    ya know(trying out something I learn from hearing BO speak), somewhat tongue in cheek, I suggested huge reflecting sails in space orientated to either shade the earth or or add light. Not quite as mean spirited as the death ray from one of those TV episodes from the late 50’s. But at least it has the benefit of being canceled if it doesn’t provide the needed affect, or the needed effect has changed. Might come in handy if people get tired of cross country skiing , cross country, too.

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