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Arctic Disappearing At All Wavelengths

The Arctic Hole is growing both in extent and bandwidth. First we lost visible light … And now the microwaves are disappearing too. Advertisements

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Daily Hymn And Exhortation

“Gladly The Cross I’d Bear”

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White House To Go Solar

Will lower Earth’s temperature by 0.000000000000001 degrees.

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Romm : Black Death Lowered Northern Hemisphere Temperature By 0.17C

Now we know what Al Gore meant by “The Earth Has a Fever.”

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Otto Update

Breaking News : NHC seems to have given up on the hurricane prognosis for Otto, leaving Dr. James Hansimian in first place in this year’s race.

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Mother Nature Is A Progressive

According to NSIDC maps, between the end of July and the end of September, more than 90% of the older, thicker green multi-year ice (MYI) melted in this 1000 km wide region – while leaving the thinner, more vulnerable turquoise … Continue reading

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Julienne Forecasts An Ice-Free Arctic

“It seems like we’re starting to move towards this transition of a seasonally ice-free Arctic state” http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/10/05/3030213.htm?section=justin  

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