Extreme Climate Change Killed The Neanderthals

The NPCC (Neanderthal Panel on Climate Change) said there was a 90% probability that it was caused by human activities.

From the BBC :

The 40-odd thousand years leading up to the last Ice Age included countless wild and sharp climatic oscillations that would have provided the most sensational of world headlines had our Neanderthal cousins had satellite television, mobile phones or internet.

The regularity of drastic climate change would soon have offered little by way of breaking news.

So, in terms of the well-being of our planet, little of what is coming will scare it. It has seen extreme global warming, as when tropical forests covered the poles, and extreme deep freezes, as when icebergs reached the latitude of Lisbon, Portugal – with strays drifting into the Mediterranean.

The Neanderthals, who had been so successful in Europe for much longer than we have been around, vanished because of too much global cooling. Many of our own stock – and this may surprise people – also went extinct because they couldn’t handle the climate and its effects. Several small populations, in Africa, Australia and on the plains of central Asia, scraped through and we are all descended from them. No living human has experienced the kind of climate change that they had to go through. Most perished but a few survived.


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4 Responses to Extreme Climate Change Killed The Neanderthals

  1. spepper says:

    Neanderthals drove SUV’s? Who knew!

  2. Sandy Rham says:

    ” and on the plains of central Asia”
    Under ice surely?

  3. Bruce says:

    Going on the track record of the human race (Rwanda, Srebrenitsa) I think NPCC are right to say “there was a 90% probability that it was caused by human activities”.

    However the human activity more likely to have caused this used things with pointy bits attached, Occam’s razor-sharp.

  4. Mike M. says:

    IPCC. So easy, a caveman could do it.

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