Is The Ocean Getting More Acidic?

Monterey Bay Aquarium has been sampling ocean pH for almost 15 years. They show no trend during the period.

All of their most acidic readings were taken before 2003.

Never let actual data get in the way of a dumb theory.


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8 Responses to Is The Ocean Getting More Acidic?

  1. John Silver says:

    Only a PH value below 7 is acidic. Watch your semantics.

  2. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    So why are lakes not dropping in pH? There are no volcanoes in lakes….

  3. Brendon says:

    One data source at one point on the planet, with a very low sample rate, is not very reliable. More comprehensive studies do show that the ocean is getting more acidic.

    Also, why’d you drop the first data points from your graph? Are you trying to be misleading?

    • Ian says:

      At least Steve Goddard publishes his evidence for us to make of what we will, whereas you just make airy, god-like pronouncements without apparently thinking that you need to substantiate any of them. That is why I consider your comments worthless.

  4. spepper says:

    Obviously, any single reading above pH 7.0 is alkaline– so any mention of “more acidic– less acidic” when all readings of an entire dataset are at or above 7.0 is just erroneous, not to mention misleading– ANY summaries using these figures should be restricted to being described as “more alkaline– less alkaline”– but those with an unpublicized agenda won’t deem it necessary to follow such restrictions……

  5. Brendon says:

    True, but semantics and a ploy to avoid using the “acid” term.

    Do you also want to classifying hot as anything above 50 degrees and cold is anything below that?

    Ocean Acidification is the name for the decrease in the oceans pH level, regardless of the starting point.

  6. chris y says:

    Brendan- “One data source at one point on the planet, with a very low sample rate, is not very reliable.”

    Sarc on/
    Its teleconnected (h/t hockeyteam) to the entire globe. Monterey is a *special* place for ocean pH.
    /Sarc off.

    I agree that this is only one location where high quality measurements have been made.

    “More comprehensive studies do show that the ocean is getting more acidic.”

    Monterey is the most comprehensive (long time span, frequent sampling, well controlled data collection) dataset available. The ‘comprehensive’ global studies are a disaster of poor spatial and temporal sampling. To create a comprehensive global dataset for ocean pH, need to retrofit all of the ARGO units with pH sensors and then collect data for 50 years.

    As with any climate science issue (temp, humidity, precip, sea ice, glaciers, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc etc etc), the questions are simple-

    1- Is there sufficient *measured* (not modeled) data to extract a global trend over a centennial time period?
    2- Is the extracted trend different from *measured* variations before industrialization ramped up?
    3- Is the extracted trend due to human impacts on the environment (CO2, land use changes, etc)?

    Currently the answer to (1) is hell no. The other questions cannot be answered.
    The entire ocean acidification claim becomes faith-based conjecture. Its useless as a contribution to science, but it is extremely valuable for policy-based evidence-making.

  7. Brendon says:

    “Currently the answer to (1) is hell no.”

    So where do you think all the extra CO2 that is pumped into the atmosphere, but doesn’t stay up there, goes?

    Do you think that none of it is going into the ocean?

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