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The Arctic is seeing record ice growth this fall, and there will likely be a large increase in multi-year ice before spring. And Discovery News is right on top of it! (It is important to get the children’s minds straight, … Continue reading

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Extreme Climate Change Killed The Neanderthals

The NPCC (Neanderthal Panel on Climate Change) said there was a 90% probability that it was caused by human activities. From the BBC : The 40-odd thousand years leading up to the last Ice Age included countless wild and sharp … Continue reading

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Number Of Extreme Press Releases Forecast To Decline Before 2100

A Google search for extreme climate change produces about 24,600,000 results.

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Breaking News – The Sun Influences Temperatures On Earth

Turns out that the Maunder minimum must have been hot. Throw all the historical records out, we have a new three year study. A stronger Sun actually cools the Earth Talk about a press release which never should have been … Continue reading

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Q : If The Tropics Expand – What Will That Do To Those Poor Corals?

A : Make their geographical range larger.

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Hug A Polar Bear : Hudson Bay Is Out Of Ice!

There is no ice in the Hudson Bay, and this is normal for the time of year. http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/IMAGES/recent365.anom.region.13.html

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March Of The Computer Models

http://www.washingtonpost.com Those poor penguins are doomed! But wait, there is just one minor problem with the computer model.

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