6 Weeks – 175,000 Page Views – 3,000 Comments

Thanks everyone! Most of the referrals are now from the home page – which means people are dropping by here now as a regular stop.

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10 Responses to 6 Weeks – 175,000 Page Views – 3,000 Comments

  1. R. de Haan says:

    I think you have found your own style in communication which IMO is very powerful.
    Strong visuals with short to the point well written (cut the crap) comments are appealing to me.
    I also like the “rhythm” of your blog, the speed and number of articles posted on a daily basis.

    There is so much news around these days and we want to know it all.

    I really hope you can keep it up because it’s a lot of work.


  2. Leon Brozyna says:

    Give ’em hell!

  3. Gerald Marquardt says:

    You Rock!!!

  4. Jimash says:

    You do Rock, Steven.
    Way to go.

  5. papertiger says:

    You go to Rock!!!

    Way do, Steve.

    Oh damn.

  6. papertiger says:

    Easily searchable. Terms are clear. The heart of the point isn’t hidden behind a continue reading —–> teaser.
    Great for reference.
    Doesn’t include a butload of superfluous scripts that take forever to load.

    I appreciate these things in a blog

  7. Airframe Eng says:

    Uh, I think..Buttload is spelled with two “t’s”….. 🙂

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