Global Warming In Colorado

Last year at this time – the expert opinion.


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6 Responses to Global Warming In Colorado

  1. R. de Haan says:

    Keep them coming and keep ClimateGate alive.
    AGW is a hoax but Climate Fraud is REAL.

  2. MikeTheDenier says:

    More lies from Mann.

    Overloading the atmosphere with carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels is heating the planet, shrinking the Arctic ice cap, melting glaciers and raising sea levels. It is leading to more widespread drought, more frequent heat waves and more powerful hurricanes.

  3. truthsword says:

    A little progress… he said only Arctic cap was shrinking lol instead of polar caps….

  4. ChrisD says:

    Just curious if any of you have actually read the paper Trenberth is referring to in this email, which clearly explains exactly what he’s talking about here, which is not “global warming has stopped” or anything even remotely similar?

    Actually, you don’t even have to read the whole paper. The abstract is enough.

    Here’s a clue: global warming is not restricted to the atmosphere. If more heat is being trapped by higher levels of greenhouse gases, and it’s not in the atmosphere, then it must be somewhere else. Now consider whether or not the question “where the heck is global warming?” could be read differently than the way you’ve been reading it.

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