Look For A Record Gain In Multi-Year Ice This Autumn

From : http://nsidc.org/images/arcticseaicenews/20101004_Figure6.png

Thanks to the surprising late season selective loss of multi-year ice (MYI) in the Arctic, we are likely to see the area of MYI more than triple over the next few weeks. All of the surviving areas of 1-2 year old ice (turquoise) will soon become multi-year ice (green.)

Perhaps 2010 will have a record gain in both extent and multi-year ice area this autumn.

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3 Responses to Look For A Record Gain In Multi-Year Ice This Autumn

  1. R. de Haan says:

    You have to look at the entire picture which includes the Antarctic:
    Read the latest from Joe Bastardi:
    SATURDAY 10 AM HELLO ITS MEI ( The multivariate Enso Index) This continues its plummet and is the strongest since.. well look at this link http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/psd/people/klaus.wolter/MEI/ The SOI in the meantime continues to run close to the alltime greatest SOI autumnal negative ( 1917) and is ahead of the 1916 first year Nina drop off. Its interesting to note that previous monster 90 day negatives occurred when the Nina was well established.. so here is my theory.

  2. M Carpenter says:

    Arctic sea ice extent is now back to 2006 levels!

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