Latest Recruits For 10:10 – Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, Stalin

I just checked out Franny “Splattergate” Armstrong’s page at 10:10 and noticed who the latest recruits are. Hitler, Himmler, Pot, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco. They recognize genocidal talent when they see it – even from beyond the grave.

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8 Responses to Latest Recruits For 10:10 – Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, Stalin

  1. truthsword says:

    Pauline Pot…. u forgot Pot in that list of evil (Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, Stalin).

  2. Amino says:

    She better pull that web site down. It’s just a piñata now.

  3. Nobama says:

    Now, understanding the situation more clearly, I see a petulant, arrogant, spoiled brat, sucking money from corporate interests (hoping to protect their international image) via intimidation/thuggery. Disgusting.

  4. And remember today that Franny wants a photo of your Sunday Lunch:

    10:10 wants as many people as possible to send in pictures of their low-carbon Sunday lunch – email

  5. ShugNiggurath says:

    They’ve pulled that name box from their homepage, but while looking for it I noticed an odd thing.

    On it says 104,485 signups in 152 countries, on Franny’s screengrab above you have 73,268, but when I go to Franny’s page it tells me 96,462. So they must just be pumping back numbers that they feel look impressive. But instead they tell me that at best they’ve got an average of 687 people per country.

  6. Leon Brozyna says:

    Tsk, tsk … whatever will that poor Franny creature do tomorrow (11:10)? How will she spin this moment on her CV?

    Founded an organization and movement whose greatest accomplishment was blowing up school children, office workers, a footballer, and an actress.

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