Obama’s New Plan To Create Jobs

Obama continues attack on Chamber of Commerce

By Dan Eggen and Scott Wilson
Washington Post Staff Writers
Sunday, October 10, 2010; 9:08 PM

Obama once again demonstrates his hatred of small business, and the private sector in general. The C of C is an icon of small business.

Then there’s the question of whether foreign nationals are contributing to the Obama campaign. There is more than enough evidence to warrant a full-scale investigation by the Federal Election Commission, including the $32,332.19 that appears to have come from two brothers living in a Hamas-controlled Palestinian refugee camp in Rafah, GA (that’s Gaza, not Georgia). The brothers’ cash is part of a flood of illegal foreign contributions accepted by the Obama campaign.


h/t to reader Layne Blanchard

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5 Responses to Obama’s New Plan To Create Jobs

  1. spepper says:

    Obama lacks proof of what he speaks– generally you can sue somebody who publicly accuses someone else of committing crimes such as these, without the evidence to back it up–

  2. PJB says:

    When he followed orders and gave away America’s future to the bankers to cover their fraudulent practices, he displayed his colors. Anything else is just more of the same.

  3. R. de Haan says:

    The master plan is to promote the collapse of the Western Industrialized World and civilization. The methods are from all times.
    Promote crises after crises, introduce rules, regulations and conflicts that erode and take away the civil rights and the existential basis of the Middle Class, destroy the private sector and raise the costs for energy, food and health insurance.

    This is a tested formula.
    The UN and the West performed a field test in Africa, fifteen years ago in one of the most thriving African countries, when they allowed Mugabe to destroy Zimbabwe.

    Much bigger scale events in the past (with much lower population numbers), without any exception, have resulted in extremely bloody wars that caused incredible human suffering.

    Hopefully the next elections will pave the way for a return to politics based on common sense and put a halt to the corrupt schemes.

    Although I never doubted the American people to make the right decisions at the right moment I am not very optimistic about the chances to conquer a majority in the US Senate necessary to kick out the Czars.

    To many schemes are already executed below the radar and influence of Congress and I really think we are going to have a hard time to stop this.

  4. PhilJourdan says:

    Liberal Rule #1 (call it the prime directive of the left): Always accuse your opponent of your sins so that no one bothers to check your transgressions.

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