6 Weeks – 200,000 Page Views – 3,700 Comments

The past week has been amazing. Thanks everyone!

Writing about this stuff is like …….


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18 Responses to 6 Weeks – 200,000 Page Views – 3,700 Comments

  1. Brendon says:

    That’s how you measure success? By the number of comments.

    I guess you couldn’t do it by the number of unanswered questions.

    You could do it by the number of times you cherry pick, or repeat yourself despite not having addressed the shorcomings of your previous posts.

  2. Sandy Rham says:

    Congratulations, and your own personal troll too :D:D

  3. Byz says:

    Well I’m happy with Steve’s view, so since that is 2 to 1 that means that Steve has consensus on his side.

    Therefore using the AGW argument the debate is over and Q.E.D. Steve must be right ;D

  4. i_was_ferret says:

    Well done Steve. Just shows the interest people have.
    Added to my favourites along with WUWT, Dellers, libertygibbert, Macksflophouse and Crownarmourer!


  5. Gurgeh says:

    I’m with Steve too, so that really settles it. Where do I get a personal troll? Why should Steve have all the fun? πŸ™‚

  6. Sandy Rham says:

    Maybe Steve is his personal troll ???

  7. harry says:

    It must make it worthwhile having bizarre freaks like Brendan, dickram being another, (you have 3 or 4) waiting to troll the very instant you post. Its like a flattering form of stalking.
    Anyway, I appreciate your efforts, and have a look everday. Keep up the good work.

  8. Dikran Marsupial says:

    Your writing about this stuff is indeed like “shooting ducks in a barrel” at least in one respect: It is largely incorrect, the idiom is “like shooting fish in a barrel”.

    Seriously the “shooting ducks in a barrel” attitude is strongly indicative of the Dunning-Kruger effect, some people unfortunately don’t have the expertise to realise why their arguments are wrong, even when it is explained to them. The fact Steve is still trotting out the five year maximum in the DMI series as if it was in some way meaningful (rather than mere cherry picking – it was at a record minimum in June – but that doesn’t mean anything either) is a prime example.

    If you want to know why the likes of Hansen have such a hold on policymaking, the reason is simple, the opposition are too fond of trotting out tired old canards (sic), such as “how can we predict climate 50 years in advance if we can’t predict weather five days in advance”. The policymakers are intelligent and have intelligent and well informed advisors and are capable of seeing why that is a specious argument, so you instantly lose credibility when you use them. If you want to do better in affecting policy, adopt a real science attitude, and the self-scepticism that goes with it, and eliminate the cherry picking and canards.

    Science is best pursued like chess, you don’t play the move that maximises your immediate advantage, you play the move that minimises your opponents maximum long term advantage. Use the strongest argument that is unassailable by your opponent, otherwise you are just giving him an opportunity to show how ill-informed you are and offering him an open goal.

  9. Malaga View says:

    Congratulations… great start-up… great postings… must being doing lots of things right to have attracted your own troll community… these are very difficult beasts to educate… let alone domesticate or even house train… best to keep your eyes open and avoid wading into their puddles and piles of pooh.

  10. Les says:

    Sandy Rham,

    Nah I think Steve has acquired two personal trolls – the other is ChrisD

  11. Philip Finck says:

    Personally I like reading the Trolls. I always enjoy reading comments from poorly informed, pseudoscientific nut bars. One of my specialities is industrial minerals. Take a troll, describe to them the amount of mined minerals that are used to make the things that they use every day, the energy required, and watch them twitch. Then finish of by explaining where sea-salt comes from, and what it contains, and laugh when they say that they are going home to `throw out’ that expensive box of sea salt.

    I just love trolls, I can’t help it, sorry, I am ashamed. πŸ™‚

  12. PJB says:

    I like the info and can make informed decisions based on that and other sources.

    The collateral damage (trolling) is a necessary evil (I suppose) and adds counterpoint to the veracity.

  13. GregO says:


    Great work, great fun, keep it up. Very entertaining and educational.

  14. ML says:

    It looks to me that there is statistically significant upward trolling trend in your data
    (6 weeks/ 3700 comments). I think on the graph it will looks like hockey stick blade πŸ™‚
    Thank you for your work Mr. Goddard

  15. Mike Patrick says:

    Parton this old country-boy, but it is unsporting to sneak up on ducks on the water and shoot them before they can take off. That is considered too easy. No fish are involved. A true hunter is one who shoots ducks in flight, no blasting away at them on the water. I guess trolls don’t hunt much.

    Now if a troll wants fish, and if their fishing skills are like their debating skills, I suppose their best bet would be to use dynamite.

  16. Send Al To The Pole says:

    The Trolls Unwittingly drive the hit count higher. And they provide amusement for the rest of us. Don’t anybody tell them the footprint of the internet. You’ll just spoil the fun.

    Steve, you’ve provided a fantastic service to a lot of people, and meaningfully changed public opinion. Your thoughts here and on WUWT have likely affected the mood of the nation, and international opinion. It’s been a terrific education, and so many of us appreciate it very much.

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