Hottest year Ever : Franny Healed The Planet!

By blowing up the unbelieving (El) Niño in her classroom, Franny has reversed Hansen’s hottest year ever! The innocent red blood she shed is turning into blue all over the globe.

The results of 10/10/10 are becoming immediately apparent in both hemispheres. At the end of 110 years of unprecedented warming, we were experiencing the hottest year ever. But in a matter of just three days since 10/10, below average temperatures are appearing everywhere.

The graph below unhides the remarkable decline.

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18 Responses to Hottest year Ever : Franny Healed The Planet!

  1. Dikran Marsupial says:

    Steve, can you give a link allowing me to verify that Hansen actually did say that this year was the “Hottest year ever!”, which is implied in the article. Amino seems sensitive to this sort of thing, so if Hansen actually did say that (without the proper qualification) I’d like to criticise him for it.


      Hansen, credited with being one of the first scientists to study climate change, dismisses sceptics’ claims that global warming “stopped” in 1998.

      “Record high global temperature during the period with instrumental data was reached in 2010,” he writes.

      “It is likely that the 2010 global surface temperature … will be a record.

      • Dikran Marsupial says:

        Ah, so he didn’t actually say it would be the hottest year ever. You are ignoring the fact that the previous quote shows he was talking about a record in the instrumental record, and the fact that an important qualification may have been edited out in the … .

        It is a clear misrepresentation of what Hansen actually said to imply he said it would be the hottest year ever, he clearly said no such thing. It seems to have confused Amino for a start, so I would recommend you change the wording to say “Hottest year on the instrumental record” or something similar.

  2. “NASA: The 12-month running mean global temperature has reached a new record in 2010 ”

    • Dikran Marsupial says:

      That is still not the same as “the hottest year ever”, simply because we only have a mean global temperature to compute a 12 month running mean of for the last 130 years or so.

      If you read the NASA document itself, rather than merely a blog report on it, it says “Record high global 12-month running-mean temperature FOR THE PERIOD WITH INSTRUMENTAL DATA was reached in 2010” [SHOUTING mine rather than NASAs].

      Your “hottest year ever!” remains a misrepresentation of what Hansen actually wrote.

    • Dikran Marsupial says:

      Steve, (a) the hockey stick graph goes back 1000 years, that isn’t “ever” (b) the hockey stick is a proxy record, not an instrumental record, so it is clear that he is not talking about the period covered by the hockeys stick, just the part of it for which we have instrumental (i.e. thermometer) data.

      • Dikran Marsupial says:

        Hansen may also claim that modern temperatures are higher than the MWP, but that isn’t what he said in the quote you provided, and relies on another set of qualifications, such as “according to the Mann hockey stick” (or whatever proxy record he chose to cite). However that still doesn’t mean he thinks the 2010 is the “hottest year ever!”, if nothing else I would assume he is aware of the Holocence climatic optimum (the “optimum” is the giveaway) and hence wouldn’t make such a claim that would be so easily refuted. As I said, good scientists make claims the same way chess players choose their moves.

        So your suggestion Hansen claims 2010 is the “hottest year ever!” remains a misrepresentation of what he has actually said.

  3. Dikran Marsupial says:

    By the way, I am also somewhat of a connoisseur of sarcasm, so I did enjoy the article as well – worth the effort put into it – have you seen DenialDepot – also very funny?

  4. Philip Finck says:

    And Hansen of course goes to great trouble with the press to educate them on all the nuances in his statements, the ifs, ands, and buts ….give me a break

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