Why Do I Do This?

Smog Over Denver

I’ve been an environmentalist all my life. I ride my bicycle almost everywhere, including commuting to the office in cold rain this morning.

I hate cars – I’d love to see 99% of them off the road. They stink, pollute, take up huge amounts of room, waste precious natural resources. Drivers are spaced out and at least one nearly hits me every week. (I did get hit by a car in April which totaled my bike after I was thrown over the hood.)

I first testified before a Congressional committee on an environmental bill when I was 15 years old. I worked to get the Clean Air Act passed. I worked for two summers as a USFS wilderness ranger.

I receive no direct or indirect compensation for doing this. I have no ties to any energy industry. So why bother?

As a scientist/engineer I find the claimed “science” behind catastrophic global warming to be offensive. For 30 years I bought off on the Sagan  “runaway greenhouse effect” –  until I checked the facts for myself. The impact of a hundred ppm additional CO2 (0.0001) is minimal. The tipping point feedback argument is based on a house of cards. The 350 number was pulled out of someone’s rear end.

I don’t want my children to be fed garbage at school, and I don’t want this to be the excuse for a takeover by modern Bolsheviks – which is exactly what it is about.

How did John Holdren get to be Obama’s science advisor? It had nothing to do with science.

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9 Responses to Why Do I Do This?

  1. PhilJourdan says:

    How did John Holdren get to be Obama’s science advisor? It had nothing to do with science.

    It never does have anything to do with competency. Only political favors.

  2. truthsword says:

    The way I see it, if Washington or Lincoln had a Science Advisor, then it is something we need, if they didn’t then we don’t.

  3. NoMoreGore says:


    Take heart. There have been improvements. My busy schedule is stretched between destinations hundreds of miles apart. I need a car. But my current car (A Sonata) is a ULEV (Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle, for those who don’t know) The follow on version was introduced as a PZEV (Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle) The mileage rating on the newest model is 35 mpg on a (modestly) full sized sedan with 210 hp.

    It looks like Denver is suffering from an Inversion layer. It’s too bad. The rockies are a beautiful place…..

  4. R. de Haan says:

    I have converted almost all my cars to Liquid Petrol Gas.
    No other exhaust emissions but CO2 and water vapor.
    Very safe, very reliable, very cheap (compared to gasoline)

  5. pyromancer76 says:

    Thanks for this post. Anyone with an ounce of sense who had done a little internet research on who this unknown contender for the president was would have seen the bolsheviks coming along with a whole lot of maoists — and would have included islamists as the frosting on the cake. Easy to see that there is no science there. Keep up the good work. Glad you have your own blog.

  6. Brendon says:

    Steve, I disagree with some parts of CAGW too and I think it’s great that some of the uncertainty is highlighted.

    What I object to most about your posts is the way you obfiscate the truth of the matter.

    Take for instance sea ice. You continue to repeat the idea that ice has recovered because right at this point of the year the extent is better than that of 5 years of data.

    You highlight this as if it’s important and don’t bother using all the highly accurate data available.

    Sure if you want to start bringing in the historical trend from 100+ years ago, go ahead and do that, but please be sure you highlight the uncertainty of that data vs the great accuracy of the data produced in the last 30 years.

    Then your posts would start looking more credible than they currently do.

    Quality over quantity Steve. 😉

    • Do you agree with the leading experts who say ice free in 2013? They have lots of credibility and funding.

      • Brendon says:

        Like I said before.

        I’d say Maslowski is on the fringe given that other groups modelling forecast various figure between 2040 and 2100.

        But go ahead and cherry pick his forecast if casting doubt is all your are trying to do.

        A more balanced approach would be to consider the efforts of the various teams.

  7. Edward says:

    Ah! yes, AGW, it was a political construct designed as a curve ball to deflect opinion away from Nuclear and Coal fired technology in Britain.

    As usual with scams, like ponzi schemes, people realise very quickly and cutely how they can make a fast buck and then realised how to make mega bucks and so they take on a life of their own, a one cell virus can multiply itself billions of times over – in a blink of an eye (relatively speaking).

    All that was needed was the ‘human factor’, in that: there needed to be a catastrophic element to it, an Armageddon factor – rather like the fire and brimstone of the Bible parables.
    To cow and frighten the people – the bogeyman Gas, poor old CO2!

    Shove a few dollars/£s – you name it, at Universities – who’ll only too readily bite your hand off for money and especially lots of ‘filthy lucre’ and “wham bam thank you mam” – a hypothesis is synthesised – AGW was man-made…………………purrfect, the cats got their cream.

    Lots of ‘jollies’ for researchers, journalists, politicians and everybody is happy…………err! That was, until the bills started rolling in for the folk who have to pay for this fraud.
    The taxpayer, all the useless palliative measures have to be paid for……lots of people started to niff the stench of a dead rat.

    Real scientists started to question the received ‘wisdom’ (of AGW) and found it wanting………………. no wanting is a word for something that is half true.

    NO! This whole (AGW) shebang is a total falsehood (that’s a better description!) borne out of greed and a need to tax and control populations of nation states, no wonder people woke up, the strong whiff of decay and obscene duplicity (or to use the vernacular – BS) is unmistakable and potent.

    Damn them all (bent post normal scientists and perfidious politicians and corrupt bankers) we shall have the truth though, the good guys will prevail in this battle but it’s hard pounding, inexorably, the breach is beginning to widen, because it is a myth built upon a political fabrication: MMCO2e – does not equal – AGW.

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