A Preview Of Holdren’s Ice Free Winters

Winter is still nine weeks away.


Most preschoolers understand that you need sunshine to warm things up. When the sun sets, it gets cold. If the sun set for 4-6 months, it would get really cold. But not John Holdren.

…if you lose the summer sea ice, there are phenomena that could lead you not so very long thereafter to lose the winter sea ice as well. And if you lose that sea ice year round, it’s going to mean drastic climatic change all over the hemisphere.  – John Holdren, 2009


Here is my interpretation.  If you elect a clueless president, the White House gets filled with clueless people.

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7 Responses to A Preview Of Holdren’s Ice Free Winters

  1. Brendon says:

    Most preschoolers know that ovens work at night too.

  2. Glen Shevlin says:

    Just curious, most pre schoolers also know that ovens have a power source that is not sunlight. Is there an alternate power source in the Arctic north that comes out after the sun sets in October? I am sure the people in Inuvik and Resolute Bay would be pleased to know.

  3. bruce says:

    Has anyone here been through one of these winters of night? I’ve got to think this is tough duty. I mean besides the extreme cold, its a dry cold dontcha know, that darkness, how the heck do you know when its time to get up? And it the town is dry, ouch.

  4. lance says:

    is he smarter than a 5th grader?

  5. fishnski says:

    Surf Temp at the beach there is 29/30 degrees with an air temp as of 530 pm eastern time at 19 degrees…the mean temps at Pt barrow have been below the 28 degree salt water freezing pt for awhile now so its just a matter of days till we see the beach frozen over.
    The earliest( I) have seen the beach freeze over is the 16th of oct & as late as the 9th of Nov .

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