Minnesota Gets A Grant To Study Global Warming

Imagine the chaos which would ensue if winter temperatures rose from -20 to -19!

What are the health risks in Minnesota?

Climate change could result in more deadly heat waves, and increase the risk of diseases spread by insects and flooding, according to federal and state projections. Among other things, it could affect where and when ticks spread Lyme disease. Globally, diseases like malaria — typically confined to warm areas — could spread to new areas. Changes in air quality could exacerbate asthma and chronic lung disease.

Using this logic, Iowa (to the south) must already be a hotbed of disease. Missouri (even further south) must be littered with dead bodies.

One minor problem though. Summers have been getting cooler in Minnesota for the last 80 years (even after upwards adjustments.)  Proving once again that this scam is all about the money.

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