Susan Solomon On The Scientific Method

Marc Morano reminded me of an E-mail exchange which Susan Solomon had four years ago with Rachel Garthwaite of the Royal Society, as reported by Bishop Hill.

RG: However we have no intention of inviting any known sceptics to the meeting, and certainly would not have invited representation on any discussion panel should we decide to have one.

SS: Yes, that is the point – they should not be invited to take the podium as speakers or panelists because that is simply not an appropriate representation of the state of understanding and uncertainty. The public has been confused enough by one side says this, the other that.  This issue has gone far beyond that and this meeting should reflect that.

We see a consistent pattern of censorship from the global warming community. They do this because their beliefs don’t stand up under scrutiny. They know they can’t debate and win.

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17 Responses to Susan Solomon On The Scientific Method

  1. Biobob says:

    This kind of thing just makes me utterly disconsolate.

    Long past time to break out the virtual tar and feathers.

    • John Silver says:

      “break out the virtual tar and feathers.”

      We live in the real world!

      • Biobob says:

        As much as one might like the real thing, others around us tend to view such violence negatively. The virtual thing is quite sufficient if enough of us heap it on. Roaches dislike the light of day.

  2. Amino says:

    “Without any censorship, in the West fashionable trends of thought and ideas are carefully separated from those which are not fashionable; nothing is forbidden, but what is not fashionable will hardly ever find its way into periodicals or books or be heard in colleges. Legally your researchers are free, but they are conditioned by the fashion of the day. There is no open violence such as in the East; however, a selection dictated by fashion and the need to match mass standards frequently prevent independent-minded people from giving their contribution to public life. There is a dangerous tendency to form a herd, shutting off successful development. I have received letters in America from highly intelligent persons, maybe a teacher in a faraway small college who could do much for the renewal and salvation of his country, but his country cannot hear him because the media are not interested in him. This gives birth to strong mass prejudices, blindness, which is most dangerous in our dynamic era. There is, for instance, a self-deluding interpretation of the contemporary world situation. It works as a sort of petrified armor around people’s minds. Human voices from 17 countries of Eastern Europe and Eastern Asia cannot pierce it. It will only be broken by the pitiless crowbar of events.”

    ~~Alexander Solzhenitsyn

  3. Amino says:

    Ohhh, look, she’s standing by penguins. That means she’s doing something good.


    sarc off

    • spepper says:

      …and if you get enough of those penguins together, their trail of poop would spell out all of the words she puts down in writing…….

  4. Sandy Rham says:

    You know I think sceptics, who are generally older and more experienced, are missing an important dynamic in these ‘scientists’.
    Without faith there is no certainty, but also there is no-one who is Right as in “I’m Right, you’re Wrong, nah-nah nah-nah”. So these people become ‘scientists’ to be High Priest(esse)s of Certainty, to be respected for being ‘in the know’.
    Unfortunately Science is not the new Catholicism and has no place for dogma and faith. Indeed Science advances by ‘heretics’ like Galileo and Einstein becoming mainstream.
    Real scientists like Lief (?) and Julienne enjoy discussing their knowledge with the curious and will check out oddities pointed out or whatever, whereas Priestesses fling a right hissy fit when questioned.
    I’m trying to explain to physicists how super-conductivity works and as Bose found it’s a hard slog till you find you Einstein.

  5. Tufty says:

    When I come across this kind of thing, I’m torn between optimism and pessimism. Optimism that the internet exposes this kind of creepy behaviour. Pessimism that it’s becoming normal.
    Scientific discoveries are tailing off and charlatans are burrowing their way into the gaps in our scientific knowledge. Climate science seems to be full of gaps and charlatans and if we can’t readily fill in the gaps with good science, then how do we evict the charlatans? Perhaps this is the role of the internet – exposure through transparency. The optimist in me hopes so. The pessimist sneers.

  6. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    Same techniques the Eugenics movement used in the 1930s and we know how that all ended up…

    They also had global conferences, like Copenhagen every few years, led by Darwin’s son

    Here’s a classic quote from others that thought the science was settled

  7. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    wow, suddenly the science is settled, but how many times in the past were they wrong?

  8. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    Is an Ice age starting? Can the penguins survive the coming ice age?

  9. PJB says:

    It’s 8 o’clock and time for the penguin, on top of your ice sheet, to explode… where did I put my red button…sorry…sorry

  10. Philip Finck says:

    Everyone listen up. Every time someone suggests or asks, are we going into another ice age, another Little Ice age, just as examples, this is exactly the same thing as saying sea level will rise by 7 – 10 metres and we will all drown and there will be massive worl wide wars, and starvation ..on and on.

    The general public are more and more tuning out the AGW disaster scenarios. They will also turn out the `we are all going to die’ from the opposoite effect.

    Let the science speak for it self. Don’t fall into the same trap ……. you will be asked when is this going to happen? Oh say 2020. You will be surprised how quick 2020 will come and then like the AGW crown you will look like an ass. Just my two cents worth. No insult to anyone intended.

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