Balloon Boy Day!

Richard Heene gets his balloon back

It was one year ago today that balloon boy did not crawl into a balloon and did not fly 70 miles across Colorado

One might be tempted to think that his parents were foolish for trying to pull off such a large hoax, but compared to the global warming perpetrators – Richard Heene is just a beginner (with a lot of potential.)

I’m sure he will be able to find a government agency which can use his skills. After all, his balloon flight was more successful than many of NASA’s efforts.

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4 Responses to Balloon Boy Day!

  1. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    I’ve been trying to cut my water vapour footprint today, I didn’t shower.

  2. truthsword says:


  3. SMS says:

    I wonder how much Henne can get for that balloon on ebay?

    Henne is just a sympton of all that is happening today. We see “Hennes” everywhere we look. Just watch the Reality programs, Jerry Springer, WWE, etc. Americans desire to see people in unusual positions is insatiable. The rest of us just need to grow up and ignore the ridiculous antics of the near-deranged.

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