WWF Caught In Another Big Lie : Polar Bears Doing Just Fine

Despite findings by World Wildlife Fund and others that polar bears with triplet cubs have been declining in recent years, anecdotal sightings from guides this summer included surprisingly “frequent sightings of polar bear mothers with triplets,”

Churchill Polar Bear Season Promises Good Bear Numbers, According to Natural Habitat Adventures Polar Bear Expert

Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2010/10/12/2305368/churchill-polar-bear-season-promises.html#ixzz12U1wzO1a

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12 Responses to WWF Caught In Another Big Lie : Polar Bears Doing Just Fine

  1. Amino says:

    Any Tamino clones want to bring up 6 years of Arctic ice data again? Polar bears need you.


    • suyts says:

      Man, I had a great post I submitted to that Tamino peckerhead, and he cut all but my first sentence……….I shouldn’t be surprised, but it still pisses me off.

      Happy to see our poley bears are doing fine……….I was so worried!

      • Amino says:

        His exchange with Anthony is good because it shows a little more of what he is. You getting snipped shows something too. The global warming crowd is always censoring. RealClimate is the biggest case for that of all. Censoring tells something about them.

        And people know what Tamino’s name is now. Some people had been guessing he is James Hansen.

    • Lazarus says:

      I think someone need to look up the meaning of the word ‘anecdotal’ and while they are at it they might want to find out if Polar bears live anywhere else other than Churchill and find out just how they might be doing.


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  3. Galvanize says:

    I wonder what Mr Selden has theorised on, regarding climate change related reasons.

    • runsey@mailexcite.com says:

      The cclimate isn’t changing. Its been proven scientifically that the earth hasn’t changed very much in 100 years and its actually gotten a little cooler. Global warming is the second biggest lie in the world after evolution.

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