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When You Control The Forecast And The Data – Magic Happens

NASA map from 2006 showing cooling trend Gavin acknowledged the cooling verbally at real climate Antarctic cooling, global warming? …. the continent and in the interior appear to have cooled slightly …… we fully expect Antarctica to warm up in … Continue reading

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Captain Kirk Worries About The Melting Ice Caps

http://www.parade.com/celebrity/2010/10/sundays-with-william-shatner.html Maybe they could just give the ice some Botox? He has come a long way since he spent his days saving galaxies and his evenings partying with green alien women.

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Romm Cherry Picks Adjusted Data, Quotes Roy Spencer, And Fails To Mention That His Data Disagrees

Joe cherry picks an El Niño period, reports GISS upwards adjusted claims which UAH, RSS and HadCrut all contradict, and throws in an out-of-context quote from Roy Spencer in support. Joe also forgot to mention that UAH anomalies are plummeting … Continue reading

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Romm Survives Another Summer Of Doom

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Washington Post Proposes Smoke And Mirrors To Combat Climate Change

http://www.washingtonpost.com/ I liked it better in 1975 when they wanted to use soot to melt the polar ice caps.

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Shocking Report From CDC – Life Is Not Sustainable

I was devastated to learn this morning that all seven billion inhabitants of the planet are doomed. Most people in the US will be dead within 80 years of their birth. Life is simply not sustainable for more than about … Continue reading

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Global Warming Culprits Finally Nabbed

Industrial Food and Farming: A Deadly Root of Global Warming Unless we take down Monsanto and Food Inc. and make the Great Transition to a relocalized system of organic food and farming, we and our children are doomed to reside … Continue reading

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