I Always Liked Grand Junction, Colorado



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8 Responses to I Always Liked Grand Junction, Colorado

  1. MikeTheDenier says:

    Poor liberals just can’t take a joke so they resort to threats.

    Billboard depicting Obama as terrorist comes down


  2. PJB says:

    Which one of those 4 versions is the banker’s lackey? (Or did they not have room for the 5th through 7th faces?) 7 being in honor of the 7 dwarfs because his performance was dwarfed by our expectations.

    His legacy may revolve not around the change we hoped for but the change of the expression; “To make out like a bandit.” for “To make out like a banker.”

  3. Douglas Dc says:

    Grand Junction, got many fond memories of flying Airtankers out of the Tanker base there. Then there was Strom King Mountain, knew most of the people in the Redmond
    Hotshots. In the terminal there is a picture of two DC-7’s nose to nose, one of them is
    the Airplane I flew for seven years….
    The O billboard ought to be replaced with a “Miss Me Yet?” billboard, if they can’t take a joke…

  4. steve384 says:

    It is wrong that Denver and the front range populations control the politics of the state. Western Colorado is more like Wyoming in its values and politics and is ignored in the state legislature.

    I don’t know how hard it would be to do, but most of the counties in Western Colorado (except Pitkin) should secede and join another like minded state. If Western Colorado joined Wyoming, Grand Junction would be the largest city in the new state.

    I bet the unemployment rate would go down without the idiotic regulations that Denver/Ritter comes up with.

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