Fastest Warming Place On The Planet – Is Cooling

The Antarctic Peninsula is one of many places described as the “fastest warming place on the planet”

This for me is much more urgent, because the Antarctic Peninsula is the fastest-warming place on the planet.”

Interesting that GISS shows it cooling over the last decade.

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5 Responses to Fastest Warming Place On The Planet – Is Cooling

  1. M Carpenter says:

    Steven, sorry this is off topic, but have you seen this BBC report?

  2. James Sexton says:

    Again, we’re seeing the warming in the interior of the Antarctic. All of that from one station at the south pole! (Amundson-Scott) This white paper is a bit dated(2006) but it clearly shows the alarmism about the poles to be very overstated.

    Click to access antarctica_white_paper_final.pdf

  3. paulo arruda says:

    look at the Brazilian station Comandante Ferraz Antarctic
    destaque-news pdf. Very interesting …

    • James Sexton says:

      Paulo, some of us are a bit more linguistically challenged than others.

      Eu não leio Português. Além disso, no link da web parece não funcionar, eu recebo o erro “Objeto não encontrado!”.

      Could you describe the points of interest?

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