CSU Prof : Temperatures To Rise 5-10 Degrees By 2090

“The measurements are the same no matter who makes them. They’ve been getting the same results for 150 years,” Denning said during a lecture Tuesday night attended by about 100 people. “The molecules don’t care. It doesn’t matter what you think. These things are up there vibrating and sending out their energy your way.”

Denning said models and experiments predict the temperature of North America will rise between 5 and 10 degrees by 2090, depending on how much or how little additional carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil.


I get it. They have been saying the same thing for 150 years (except for when they are worried about global cooling) and neither ever happens.

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13 Responses to CSU Prof : Temperatures To Rise 5-10 Degrees By 2090

  1. Brendon says:

    Steve says: “I get it. They have been saying the same thing for 150 years”

    Really? Are sure about that Steve? I really didn’t think they had computer modelling back then.

  2. slimething says:

    “These things are up there vibrating and sending out their energy your way.”

    Hmm, I wonder where these things are getting their energy from. Maybe creating their own energy? Sounds like a perpetual motion machine to me.

  3. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    http://butnowyouknow.wordpress.com/those-who-fail-to-learn-from-history/climate-change-timeline/ over the last 150 years it seems like a weekly thing they change their mind, maybe it depends on whether its summer or winter when they make their predictions of world exploding hotter then Venus or Ice age?

  4. m white says:

    Do the models say this temperature increase will be linear, or are there going to be periods of cooling within this warming? If the models do not predict a linear temperature increase when are the cooling periods predicted?

    Another question. If the cooling periods are predicted, what do the models say will be the causes of these events?

    There are those who predict “global cooling” over the negative phase of the PDO, approximately the next 30 years. Do the models predict this?

    What do the models say about sea surface temperatures? What has the greatest impact on global temperature, atmospheric carbon dioxide or heat released by the worlds oceans?

    Will the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere prevent the heat from 2010, “the hottest year ever” escaping into the vacuum of space? If it does cool in the coming years, what does that say about the “greenhouse effect”?

    The greenhouse effect works except when it doesn’t????

  5. Chris Korvin says:

    I have been following the climate issue carefully for some years and I have never yet seen a “warmist” explain WHAT MADE THE LITTLE ICE AGE GO AWAY ? Can some friendly warmist please offer the official explanation.

    • Robert says:

      The little ice age never went away. Ljunqvist (2010), Moburg et al. (2005), Mann et al. (2008) all have a little ice age. Just because 10 years ago there was a team of scientists who argued against it does not mean that is the scientific consensus today. No one said it was and you’re creating a strawman.

  6. Norm Milliard says:

    If computer modeling was so great, the scientist could make a fortune modeling and betting on NFL football games, a much simpler situation then climate. Predictions have been continuously made by modelers without success.

  7. Njorway says:

    Brendon is Joe Romm

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