Everything But The Spandex Part ….

Nice video about cycling. I had to drive a kid to school this morning and was thinking about how annoying it is be stuck in a car, particularly during rush hour.

h/t to Julienne Stroeve

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2 Responses to Everything But The Spandex Part ….

  1. Sandy Rham says:

    Unfortunately you won’t produce enough CO2 to stave off the next Ice Age.
    Pretty selfish cycling really. :P:P:P

  2. Will Delson says:

    I’m with you Steven. The worst day on a bike beats the best day trapped in a car. I even love getting stopped by the train because it’s a chance to stack up with other cyclists (rare in my city) or just enjoy the sight of 100 cars of coal-fired death rumbling by. I even rode home in rain yesterday after being caught at work totally unprepared, but I walked into the house soaked and smiling. My wife took one look at my face and said, “Well. That couldn’t have been so bad.”

    I do wear Spandex, however, when I’m not on my commuter bike. I don’t want to think about what my crotch would look like after 50-70 miles in cotton.

    I ride because it makes me happy. I ride because I think our dependence upon mid-east petro is a national security issue. I don’t ride because of any concern over CO2.

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