Another Reason To Ride

Instead of buying a $30,000 car and pumping thousands more into gas, why not buy a $1,000 bicycle?

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15 Responses to Another Reason To Ride

  1. Denis says:

    You are right on Steven. I bought a skinny tire 10 speed in the early ’70s and still ride it today. Not so much for exercise as for transport. I have to gas up my truck every two or three months because it mostly stands in the driveway. My weight stays the same so all my cloths fit, going back 40 years. Diabetes has ravaged my family and when I was a kid a doctor told me I was developing it. I am still just fine. In considering a new bike what do you think of the ones with a shock absorber or rubber built into the frame?

    • Denis,

      My road bike is the model in the picture. Just a straight up light aluminum frame. Shock absorbers will slow any bike way down. Unless you are doing mountain biking – I would avoid them.

      I’ve put gas in the Suburban only twice in 2010.

    • intrepid_wanders says:

      I like the power-assist types (can be rode without assist with 6 gears)

      Fixes that mountain bike suspension “slow-down”. Legally, it has to ship with a speed governor, but it is easy to disable.

  2. Carefix says:

    The Americans are being deceived like most of the world on diabetes type 2 which is the only one of very many trans fat diseases which is entirely caused by trans fats. It correlates with obesity in most genetic sub-types simply because the majority of people who develop type two also have a significant degree of the obeseity causing metabolic syndrome – another trans fat condition just like dementia and mental illness and cardio vascular disease etc. etc.. The trans-fat genocide makes climate change seem like its based on honest and competent science. The trans-fat deceptions permeate the junk science underpinning its existence and lie media and culture deep in the “developed” world. Everywhere you look see taste and smell the untruths are to be found but you need to re-educate your senses. Turn the blanket of climate change and gasp in horror at the maggot ridden corpse beneath. You aint seen nothing yet.

    P.S. Excercise will not prevent either obeseity or diabetes or cure them so lose the bicycle and eat only natural cis-isomer form oils especially include some hemp or flax oil. This will cure metabolic syndrome in all cases and diabetes in some few genetic sub-types.

  3. bubbagyro says:

    I am opposed to bicycle riding.

    The rider consumes more oxygen, and puts out more CO2 into the atmosphere.
    Also, expulsion of increased amounts of the much more potent GHG, methane, is increased during riding, being expelled through a backwards unburdening mechanism (BUM). If 6.5 billion humans rode bicycles at the same time, their metabolism would triple, leading to a trebling of GHGs, and necessitating at least a doubling of food consumption. This would lead to a depletion of the global fish population, eventually leading to the extinction of ALL Polar Bears.

    The world’s climate is at a “tipping” point. Let’s not cycle our way to disaster.

    [Paid for by a grant from the Save Our Fur Rugs Foundation]

  4. PJB says:

    In these trying economic times, buy a $250 cross-trainer (Nordik Track or some such) and exchange simple carb calories for fats and proteins. No matter the problems associated with trans-fats (if you eat well and not “fast” it should not be an issue) just exercising while watching the tube is plenty to keep you lean and clean (arteries-wise).

    You sleep better, feel better and look MAHVELOUS! 🙂

  5. Douglas DC says:

    Wife an I were borderline type two- diet, exercise, and natural foods. Due to old injuries
    I’m looking at a modern recumbent three wheeler.
    Or , this:

  6. Scott says:

    I prefer something a little less than $1000 being on a student salary. I picked up a decent GT mountain bike for about $225 five years ago and it’s still going strong. I wouldn’t be surprised if it has over 10k miles on it now…wish I’d kept track. Sure, it’s not as fast as a road bike, but it handles the offroad and snow/ice pretty well.

    On the other hand, I now know to look on the bike trails for someone riding a black Specialized bike.


  7. Marcia, Marcia says:

    why not buy a $1,000 bicycle?

    Can I buy one for $150.00 on CraigsList? 😉

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