Skeptical Science : Completely Missed The Point

Last summer I posted an article about bogus GRACE interpretations of ice loss in the interior of Antarctica, which were later confirmed by JPL to be in error.

From my article :

Some of the regions in which GRACE claims ice loss in East Antarctica average colder than -30°C during the summer, and never, ever get above freezing. How can you melt ice at those temperatures?

How did John Cook respond? He posted a lengthy three part straw man “rebuttal” discussing movement of glaciers near the coast, where temperatures are warmer. Which obviously was not what I was referring to.

Belief in AGW seems to be driven by comprehension problems.

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6 Responses to Skeptical Science : Completely Missed The Point

  1. Brendon says:

    This again? Last time I showed you how it does get above zero in places. Similar to John I also explained how the loss of coastal ice can lead to glacier movement. The article I linked to said this could affect glacier ice hundreds of kilometers inland.

    Also there are large amounts of losses along the coast so that fits perfectly with what John also said in his rebuttal.

    • And as usual, you also completely missed the point. You do understand that the ice sheet scaled down is flatter and thinner than a piece of paper? It would take the ice thousands of years to travel 500 km.

    • Paul H says:


      That is what glaciers do. They break off into the sea and get replaced by fresh ice inland.

  2. Paul H says:

    Interesting that the JPL said ” The rate of ice melt MIGHT be half what they had previuosly estimated”

    In other words they have not really got a clue but it is probably pretty similar to what it has been for centuries.

  3. Geezer1 says:

    If the antarctic ice volume & extent is increasing how can Cook measure Antarctic ice loss? Oh yeah, global warming both causes ice loss and ice gain. Go figure.

  4. Lazarus says:

    GRACE and Cook are talking about Ice Loss not ice melt. You can have a lot of one without the other.

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