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From “Teabaggers” To “Billionaire Conspiracy”

Last year, the looney left was having a ball hurling insults at the rag tag, irrelevant, stupid, sexually deviant, ignorant, redneck, no nothings in the Tea Party movement.  They knew that their man Obama was going to kick ass! They … Continue reading

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“The next Ice Age could take only weeks to engulf Britain”


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UK Summers May Warm By 10C


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UK Winters May Warm By 6C


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No Warming Ever Recorded In Al Gore’s Home State


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No Warming Ever Recorded In Pennsylvania


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Big Oil In California

Huntington Beach

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CSU Climatologist Discovers A New Energy Source – CO2

There’s really no question at all that CO2 molecules emit heat. It seems like the onus is on them to explain how you can add heat to the surface without warming it up. – Colorado State University climatologist Scott Denning … Continue reading

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2002 : UK faces ‘global warming disaster’


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2008 : Global warming ‘will cause malaria epidemic in Australia’


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