Proof By Manufactured Consensus

Approach #1

  • Any scientist who doesn’t agree is ignorant, dishonest, evil or corrupt. He/she is not a true scientist.
  • Therefore, all scientists agree!

Approach #2

  • Shut down or boycott any journals which publish skeptics papers. Block skeptics from publishing.
  • Presto! The published literature is overwhelmingly in agreement!

Approach #3

  • Make up a phony poll showing an overwhelming consensus

Approach #4

  • Claim consensus without any evidence to back you up

Approach #5

  • Ignore all other scientific disciplines besides your narrow group of like minded individuals. “Glacial rebound? What’s that?


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4 Responses to Proof By Manufactured Consensus

  1. James Sexton says:

    That’s pretty much sums it up. A consensus of like minded ideologues. Pretty much akin to going to a TEA party and asking if we need to raise taxes or not.

    • Not as far fetched as you might think. Ken Buck’s Democratic opponent claimed that Buck wanted to raise taxes.

      “Coloradans haven’t heard a whopper this big since Richard Heene said his son was in the balloon,” said Buck campaign manager John Swartout. “Is Michael Bennet running for U.S. Senate, or auditioning for a reality TV show?

  2. Russell C says:

    Regarding your approach #s 1 & 2, I had those essentially combined as three points in my chronology ( ) of the ’96-to-present smear of skeptic scientists:
    1. a scientific consensus says the debate is settled; Fact, end of story.
    2. skeptic scientists corrupted by big coal & oil industries seek to ‘reposition’ the public into believing AGW is not a fact.
    3. journalists don’t have to give equal weight to skeptic scientists because of the previous two points; they’re corrupt, and few in number.

    Regarding your approach #3 on a phony consensus, don’t forget the need to bolster such a consensus with highly questionable studies about alleged “unfair balance” in the media. Please see my blog about that, called “But wait, there’s more: The Boykoff / Gelbspan circle in the con-senseless global warming media coverage” ( )

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