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Baseball Saves Lives

On October 17, 1989 – Candlestick Park was full of fans waiting for the first game of the World Series to start. At 5:04 PM (peak rush hour) a magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck and collapsed a double decker section of … Continue reading

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Joe Romm Takes On Hansen

Joe hates those Antarctic disinformers, like James Hansen who forecast major ice loss.

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Are Penguin Chicks At Risk From Cold Temperatures?

Temperatures have been running very cold in Emperor Penguin breeding areas. In about a week the parents will stop feeding the chicks, and in about a month they will need to walk to the sea. The distance to the sea … Continue reading

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It Is Worse Than We Thought : Arctic Open To Commercial Shipping For The Past Five Years!

And they said that the Arctic was melting faster than expected ……..  

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Mole Fraction Of CO2 Plotted Vs Year

Someone was complaining earlier about graphs not being zeroed. In order to correct this, I plotted CO2 mole fraction vs. year. Hopefully that makes everyone happy.

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CO2 Does Not Control The Climate

It is easy to demonstrate that CO2 growth is not an adequate explanation for recent changes to the Earth’s temperature. I plotted GISS vs CO2 for three different time periods 1910-1940, 1940-1975, 1975-2009. Each time period shows hugely different results, … Continue reading

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Why Didn’t John Franklin Just “Radio A Helicopter?”

Historical comparisons of Arctic sailing conditions are clueless. The reason why people can slip through the NWP in a narrow window of time is because of technology.

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