Joe Romm Worried About Global Warming In Colorado

“Aspen could warm by some 14 degrees by century’s end —giving it a feel similar to Amarillo, TX. ”

As usual, Joe has no idea what he is talking about.

Temperatures have been dropping here at an astonishing rate this millennium. Winters have been cooling at a rate of more than thirty degrees per century. Most of the ski areas (including Aspen) have had all time record snow in the past five years. Fort Collins schools have had more snow days in the past four years than in the thirty prior years combined.

Fort Collins December, 2006

We used to have really mild winters along the Front Range. The snow always melted in about two days and we would get a couple of warm days every week, even in the dead of winter. Over the last few years. winters have grown much colder and we have had snow and ice on the roads for months at a time. As a cyclist, I am keenly aware of this.

Joe, take your sad violin and broken computer model somewhere else. We don’t want any part of you or your Chicken Little fantasies.

Vote for Ken Buck and take the state back!


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11 Responses to Joe Romm Worried About Global Warming In Colorado

  1. peterhodges says:

    one of my favorites

    Geologists find new glaciers in Rockies

    “While precipitation hasn’t changed much, temperatures have been slightly cooler in the past several years. “We’re not running quite in synch with global warming here,” park spokeswoman Judy Visty said.”

  2. Leon Brozyna says:

    Rhetorical question of the day:

    AGW fantasies of gloom and doom … is it something they fear … or hope for?

  3. truthsword says:

    Hope for…. they bet on the pony, they have to hope it will win. I am guilty as well, because I hope for weather and climate so opposed to their theories that AGW will be buried once and for all.

    • Neil says:

      As much as I’d like to see the greenie-weenie theories turn to snow and ice, unfortunately I fear the cold far more that I fear the heat.

      Increased temperatures means more land available to grow food. Increased temperatures mean more rainfall to water the extra food.

      Snow and ice takes away the ability to grow food.

  4. Nobama says:

    I’m voting for Ken Buck, and I live in another state! Why not? Foreign nationals have been voting in elections here in the US for many years now. Okay, not really. I’d hafta fly over there and all. But I sent him money. A lot of it.

    What kills me is all the witless whining about the Pine Beetle. A fraction of a degree and the Pine Beetle population rockets?


    They’re eating the world, don’tcha know. Actually, I have some in my back yard. Nasty little buggers.

    Especially amazing when that fraction of a degree didn’t occur in the area where the beetle is…… hmmmm. Amazing!

    Then, Colorado has 4 or 5 freezing winters, and I guess the pine beetles bought Down parkas and dug snow caves. This climate science sure is complicated!

    • Scott says:

      The whole tying the pine beetle to global warming is one of the more absurd things I’ve heard in Colorado (even more than the drought being due to global warming, then we had several wet years and that was due to global warming too).

      I mean, if the pine beetle arrived in one place due to warming of a few tenths of a degree, shouldn’t it have been located just 100 miles (or so) prior to that?


  5. suyts says:

    Now you guys know that’s just weather when we’re talking of global warming! Just because reality doesn’t fit the narrative doesn’t mean climate change isn’t happening! See, this is only a steady reoccuring climatic event as opposed to a climate disruption. Which, by the way, only proves what us climate gurus have been saying all along…………unless you read our past statements. But that doesn’t matter either, because we said overstating climate catastrophe is ok, because of the greater good. So you see, this isn’t inconsistent with the present verbiage of climate disruption theory, its what we said all along when it was “anthropological global warming!”

    If you have any questions about this statement, please go to realclimax for clarification!

  6. Mike Davis says:

    The current Chameleon theory of AGW, CACC and CACD can cover any future events. Even if the global climate turns mild for the next 5 years it will have been caused by humans and we will need to correct it because the “Monster” is still hiding in the closet.
    Of the 22+ model runs used to support #### one of them can be found that “Foretold” of this happening and Hansen’s 1988 Prediction, forecast, scenario, or whatever it is called is shown to be “Generally Consistent” with reality once reality is properly adjusted and the “Error Bars” applied. 😉
    It appears that those like Romm are digging their holes deep enough that the walls will cave in and they will bury themselves. I learned long ago to not dig a deep hole in a sand dune but maybe they need to learn the hard way.

  7. SMS says:

    Went to school at CU in the late 70’s and use to see the girls sunbathing during the winter because the weather was so nice. Then in 1983 is was so damn cold it killed off all the jack rabbits in Wyoming and Colorado. You couldn’t get any cars started and the Antelope were dying on the sidewalks in town.

    Give me warmth and bikinis, not the cold and the dead.

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