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Climate Delusion Falling Faster Than US Temperatures

US, Canada, Greenland and Mexico temperatures have plummeted over the last five years. People’s belief systems have done the same. Advertisements

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If The Atmosphere Was 100% CO2 – The Earth Would Be Frozen

http://www.globalwarmingart.com/images/7/7c/Atmospheric_Transmission.png Using the RRTM radiative transfer model (incorporated in NCAR’s climate and weather models) we can easily calculate that a 100% CO2 atmosphere would be extremely cold. CO2 only absorbs a few narrow bands of LW radiation, meaning the vast … Continue reading

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Real Science Ranked 3,008 In New Zealand

Leaving RealClimate in the dust after only eight weeks.

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Redwoods Survive Thousands Of Years, But Are Doomed By A 0.0001 Increase In CO2

Another clueless Colorado organization displays their ignorance. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/10/26/MN4F1G291R.DTL

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No Warming In Iowa Since CO2 Was 310 ppm

For the geographically challenged, Iowa is 2,100 kilometres away from Maine.

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Romm’s Judgment Sinks To a New Low

He declared the “Aspen Global Change Institute” to be a credible organization. A few paragraphs later says that John Christy (lead IPCC author, recipient of NASA’s Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement) is not credible. The “Aspen Global Change Institute” wrote … Continue reading

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No Warming Ever Recorded In Maine

For the geographically challenged, Maine is 2,000 kilometres away from Georgia

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