CO2 Addiction Is Difficult To Cure

After repeated catastrophic fails of their seasonal forecasts, the Met Office swore them off last year. But they are back at it :

h/t to reader “Green Sand”



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11 Responses to CO2 Addiction Is Difficult To Cure

  1. John Edmondson says:

    Hard to believe. If the Met office keep plugging away eventually they will get one right.

  2. john edmondson says:

    Put that on hold. I had a look on the Met Office website and found this:-

    “Winter forecast?
    28 October 2010
    Following public research, the Met Office no longer issues long-range forecasts for the general public; instead we provide a monthly outlook on our website.
    Despite this, you may have seen some reports in the media on Thursday, suggesting the Met Office has produced a forecast for the coming winter.
    These media reports have based their interpretation for the coming winter on probability maps on our website. However, they have been selective about the information they have used and you should not take these interpretations as a guide to the coming winter. Instead we would recommend using our monthly outlook and short range forecasts. “

  3. truthsword says:

    I love how they are trying to disavow their own forecast to CYA…. “Well our probability forecast for that time period is not a forecast, as you know we no longer make any longer range forecasts, only a probablity outlook forecast, which isn’t a forecast… ummm… we’ll revise that as the weather cools, so the models forecasting the…. uh… well…”

  4. truthsword says:

    Also the definition of forecast is a prediction… I don’t see how calling it a prediction and not a forecast changes anything.

  5. peterhodges says:

    so they are running their seasonal programs, but not distributing the results to the press. someone found the results on their website anyway. they are still forecasting perpetually increasing warmth.

    hahahaha. hehehehe.

    i hope this one goes viral…

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