Every Cloud Has A The Silver Lining



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8 Responses to Every Cloud Has A The Silver Lining

  1. Erik says:

    Yes thats very nice – and more work for Bicycle Repair Man!

    And from Denmark, the craftsmen are morfing!: “Craftsmen will be their very own bike!” (google translate heh):


    BTW, thank you for running a great blog, I love you style!

  2. Erik says:

    Even the hippies are making profits in Denmark! – they got a bit of the wind

    Christiania cargobikes have strong tailwind


  3. Bruce says:

    “an analyst said”

    Hmm, maybe a climate analyst said that but certainly not a real bicycle industry business analyst. Let me tell you what my Giant bike shop owner said a few months ago when I wanted to replace my worn out Giant with another of the same make. He said, no despite it being listed in the 2010 catalogue, Giant wasn’t making it anymore. They decided this year to cut their number of models by 20%. They also decided to stop making larger frames, standardising on 21″ frames for mountain style bikes like mine. I am more than slightly large of frame personally, a 21″ bike would make me look like a giant (lets say) riding a tricycle. So no new 23″ frame replacement for me, Giant doesn’t make any.

    Nothing in the catalogue of the largest producer of bicycles in the world remotely fitted my poor Aussie need. So, I go to the other helpful bike guy and he replaces all the worn out bits in my old bike the old fashioned bike repair way, but for not much less than price of mythical new Giant bike.

    Giant, I am told, now makes only very small bikes for small people. Small bikes cost less to make. They have fewer models to produce. Thus no surprise they’re making more money this year. But with this attitude to western customers I suspect in a few years Giant will be somewhat less um, giant. Rather like UEA Climatic Research Unit and GISS will, I expect.

  4. Will Delson says:

    Good for Giant. I’m currently commuting on 2009 Giant Seek 1.

  5. Sundance says:

    How about an alternate headline?

    Giant Earnings Lifted By Car Repos Due To Bad Economy And Job Losses.

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