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Sea Level Challenge

Calling all reality deniers, who live inside computer models. Here is your chance to prove that sea level is rising rapidly. https://www.sandiegohistory.org/timeline/images/80-2860.jpg See the rock island  inside the circle at The Cove Beach, La Jolla California? I am well acquainted … Continue reading

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The Pinocchio Syndrome

More humour via Romm : Well funded, professional disinformation campaign? ROFLMAO  Sowing confusion? Uncontroversial among experts?  Tell that to Judith Curry, Hal Lewis, Freeman Dyson, Richard Lindzen, Fred Singer …..

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I’m Super Serial – It Never Happened

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Election Day Forecast

Looks like the Eastern blue states are going to be very blue. I’m hoping Colorado reverts to its natural red as well. http://wxmaps.org/pix/temp1.html Nice cool marathon weather for New York next weekend.

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ENSO vs HadCrut Adjusted For Volcanoes

Reader “J” suggested that I try out HadCrut with volcanic adjustments. I used Dr. Hansen’s paper about volcanic effects as a guideline for the eruptions of El Chichón and Pinatubo. The green line above is the five year running mean … Continue reading

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Hot Topic Thinks The Arctic And Greenland Is Still Warming

GISS trends for the most recent five years.  

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PDO vs. HadCrut

HadCrut in black. Five year running mean of the PDO in blue/red. When the PDO is dominantly positive, temperatures warm. When the PDO is negative, they don’t. I wonder why Hansen/Tamino choose to cherry pick the start date of the … Continue reading

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