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Global Warming Hysteria: How to Lose Public Support in Just Four Short Years


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Vatican Declares That Geo-Centric Skeptics Should Be Prosecuted

http://rockblogs.psu.edu Imagine the future suffering of mankind, if we turn our backs on the jealous god of carbon dioxide.

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The Arctic Cooling Which Must Not Be Spoken

GISS Arctic cooling from 1937 to 1975. We are told this never happened. Newsweek made the whole thing up. Really.    

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Franny’s Team Loses Again At Old Trafford

  Nani competes for Spurs goalkeeper position. Shows he can handle the ball inside the 18.

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They Wonder Why We Don’t Take Them Seriously?

Richard Somerville : “Many observed climate changes, like rising sea level, are occurring at the high end of the predicted range.” Nonsense. It is actually rising right at the low end of IPCC estimates, in spite of the fact that … Continue reading

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