“while California has lost nearly 1 million jobs during the last decade, Texas has gained 1 million”


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5 Responses to “while California has lost nearly 1 million jobs during the last decade, Texas has gained 1 million”

  1. Mike Davis says:

    California needs to take more action than canceling 32 entirely, which 23 does not. California really needs to go back 20 or more years and review all the regulations that have been implemented with a resulting loss of productivity.
    I think California has been listening to the movie stars rather than real businessmen.
    The entrepreneurs in dot com land are not real business people.

  2. James Sexton says:


    I thought this interesting and relevant to the “green” argument of jobs and where they go, and why!

    Its becoming rather apparent, considering the resources this nation has but can’t harvest because of sheer regulatory weight, the green advocacy arm of this country desires America to be dependent on foreign entities for any energy source we can find and hates American exceptionalism. But, then most knew that already, I hope.

    • Mike Davis says:

      I knew people that worked at the Mt Pass site. A co-worker that held a mining claim had to shut down week end operations due to environmental regulations that became more costly than the mine produced.

  3. Bruce Ryan says:

    funny thing is really big business wants governmental interference and green hurdles.
    Since the mandates are so self selecting only the government and big business can cooperate in their implementation. AND they can go off shore to secure those green profits.
    Trouble is, for the rest of us this means huge costs and the steady destruction of businesses that currently employ.

  4. suyts says:

    I’ve tried to find a recent post where this is relevant, and I’m not usually given to send people to another site, but I don’t think Steven will mind.

    Dr. Spencer lays out a beautiful statement in regards to tomorrow’s decision!


    It’s a must read!

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