Death Valley – July 1913

Back in Hansen’s safe days of CO2 far below 350 ppm, Death Valley had seven days in a row with temperatures over 127F. This included July 10 which hit  134F – the hottest temperature ever recorded in North America.

‘Average high temperature that week was 130F.

At the time, 134 was the hottest temperature ever recorded on the planet. But nine years later, Libya hit 136 degrees.

Unlike many modern sites, the Death Valley station was properly sited with no asphalt, buildings or air conditioners.

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3 Responses to Death Valley – July 1913

  1. Mike Davis says:

    While reading the first part I was wondering WTF type of drugs they were taking to have such vivid hallucinations.
    How long did it take the globe to recover from the last 40 Interglacials? That is a rhetorical question! no answer required!

  2. Leon Brozyna says:

    Nowadays, if it’s too hot, we can just invite Gore to give a speech, which should break any hot spell, what with that infamous “Gore effect”.

    • Mike Davis says:

      That is well researched and statistically significant to 99% with “Billions of data points. The research is open and transparent for all to see and published in a well respected, Peer-reviewed, scientific publication.

      Probably the Onion! 😉

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