Indian Summer In Siberia

October temperatures at Ojmjakon, Russia averaged -3F (-19C)

So far this November, temperatures are averaging -34F, with a low of -43F. I’ll bet the trick or treating went well there this year.



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6 Responses to Indian Summer In Siberia

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Do you think you might get a negative comment on the truthful claim that average temperatures for November are ### so far? 😉
    The issue I would have is in the wording as it is not the average temperature but rather the average of the mean as it represents the difference between high and low or just maybe data points from hourly measurements being averaged.
    I realize it is common practice to use the term “Average Temperature” when discussing ‘Average of the mean”. It is just that they are 2 different things statistically.
    I agree with what you said and would probably used the same wording, as it is common practice. But is it an accurate description? Just a passing thought!!!

  2. MattN says:

    Seriously, though, the sooner snow falls in interior Russia, the colder the northern hemisphere winter is. Cold air is manufactured and imported from Siberia.

    How was October vs. normal over there?

  3. AndyW says:

    This blogs turning into just posts on places that are cold nowadays and places that were hot in the past … but that doesn’t show anything, or teach anything.


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