Puffington Host : “Small Birds Solve Global Warming


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3 Responses to Puffington Host : “Small Birds Solve Global Warming

  1. Mike Davis says:

    The latest try outs for new fantasy writers I see!
    Every time I see a link to that paper is it related to a fiction article there and some think they are doing science fantasy but do a bad job. I certain;y hope the writers do not give up their day jobs as they would be in the food line soon after.

  2. marysduby says:

    Its not a paper!!Its Idiots on the Internet

    • Mike Davis says:

      I am not very familiar with Huff and Puff other than it being a train in a fairy tale. I have read a couple of links to that site and came away thinking it was a poor attempt to mimic the “Onion” which is a really fine source for “News”.
      I even found this important news item there:
      WASHINGTON—Despite the very real threat of electing the 112th Congress, millions of courageous Americans lined up at their polling places today and put their right to vote above the awful possibility of sending a politician to represent them in Washington. “I was afraid the moment I showed up to vote, and now that I’ve cast my ballot, I’m even more terrified,” said Kentucky resident Mary Buchanan, who ran to her car and drove home immediately after exercising her constitutional right. “But I knew I had to face my fear and participate in our democracy, even if my actions could lead to electing another U.S. senator.” The day was not without tragedy, however, as the choice between voting for incumbent Harry Reid and challenger Sharron Angle left 20 Americans dead and injured 13 at a Carson City, NV polling place.
      I am from the generation that thinks anything providing daily news to read is a paper even if it is an E-Paper. I actually subscribed to the daily paper until I retired in 06!

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