Alarming Glacial Retreat – During The LIA

Between 1760 and 1860, the glacier at Glacier Bay, Alaska retreated a disturbing 30 miles. Atmospheric CO2 was 280 ppm at the time.

Fortunately, recent higher CO2 levels seem to be associated with much slower retreat.  In fact, some regions of the West Arm have not retreated at all during the last 100 years.

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6 Responses to Alarming Glacial Retreat – During The LIA

  1. Geezer1 says:

    That can’t be!! That’s impossible. Why, just recently our beloved warmist’s have emphatically stated that the arctic warming means that it will be ice free any time from 2012 to 2015.

  2. Mike Davis says:

    It all depends on the time period that is used to define the LIA. I know the next statement is not PC at this point in time! There is still debate over the extent and timing of the LIA. I think the LIA was just the next step down towards the coming glaciation and we are just experiencing one of the insignificant warm periods that have been seen since 1200 ad.
    Retreating and expanding glaciers seem to be the norm. Most of Glacier National Park was formed during the LIA and a lot of the ice that made up glacier bay was also formed during the coldest periods of the LIA so the loss is just a slight rebound rather than deglaciation.

  3. peterhodges says:

    robert? where’s robert?

    where i live the little ice age was called…

    “The Mathis Glaciation

    our current glaciers are remnants of those formed during the Mathis, the first glaciation here since the end of the last major Glacial.

    can you say, “getting colder?”

  4. bruce says:

    I remember with some remorse berating mankind about the declining glaciers in Glacier Bay way back in the late 1960s. Even when my dad pointed out that the glaciers had been retreating since being first observed by western man. Had you told me then that I would be worried about expanding glaciers there now… well, who knows how I would have spun it. Stupidity is a strong drug that is hard to kick.

    It will be interesting to somebody a hundred years hence how it came to be that the greatest generation gave rise to the silliest. I don’t think the pendulum of changing social thought has ever swung so violently from one position to another, as mine from our parents. I hope I see that swing, however so slowly, beginning its retreat.

  5. NoMoreGore says:

    What you see here is the evil hand of man. Alaska was minding its own business in icy glory until careless man showed up with sled dogs. These dogs were constantly running around, and they chased animals too. All this running leads to farting, and so all these animals were running and farting, running and farting. Next thing you know, you’ve got glacial Armageddon, and that “hidden” glacial melt eventually became the Tsunami in southeast Asia in 2006. When will man learn he cannot just go around existing whenever he wants!?

  6. Olaf Koenders, Wizard of Oz? says:

    Glaciers are actually rivers of ice formed from snow runoff from the mountains. Lack of snow precipitation, such as in colder times (lack of atmospheric moisture to form clouds) will retreat a glacier.

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