Almost One Million km2 Of New Arctic Ice In The Past Four Days

The Beaufort and Chukchi Seas are filling up with ice very quickly now. In a few weeks they will be frozen solid and ice gain will slow down considerably, because all of the high latitude Arctic regions will be frozen over.

A new Manhattan of ice forms about every minute, in Holdren’s ice free winter.

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16 Responses to Almost One Million km2 Of New Arctic Ice In The Past Four Days

  1. Lazarus says:

    Imagine that, it being winter an’ all!

  2. Lazarus says:

    “Holdren said that winters will be ice free. ”

    What, from this winter?

    • Good point. Temperatures will warm up about 35C over the next few years and the Arctic will have ice free winters.

      • Lazarus says:

        “Good point. Temperatures will warm up about 35C over the next few years and the Arctic will have ice free winters.”

        And this is from the guy who has just posted about needing evidence to back up claims.

      • Mike Davis says:

        According to Brother Holdren speaking from his pulpit: Any day now we will be boiling in our own sweat due to unstoppable global warming. We can get precooked food from the oceans and eggs will fry as soon as they are laid. Bacon will just need to be sliced off the side of the hogs. Bread will be available already prepared in the fields by extreme weather events that mix the ingredients together and bake them.
        CO2 in the atmosphere will provide all the energy the world needs and there will be no further need to have power plants or find any type of fossile fuels as vehicles will run on their own. CO2 is the ultimate perpetual motion machine and by next we should be able to harness the immense power available using a unique combination of “Tin Cans and String”. ( ow wait that was the latest form of carbon neutral communications systems)

    • Paul H says:

      I would not worry about ice free winters Lazarus.

      According to Holdren we have only got 10 years before a billion of us die in an ice age.

      • Mike Davis says:

        At that time Holdren was just claiming natural weather variations, which can be some what predicted, are caused by humans. Well! He is still doing the same. He is just focusing on different properties of natural regional long term weather patterns and claiming humans are the primary cause of something that was set into play millions of years ago, or even billions of years ago. Nature has never been in equilibrium but always strives for it, in the atmosphere it is called weather.

        • Kenneth simmons says:

          Without human intervention, researchers have shown the Arctic region is warmer than then the lower north latitude regions during ice ages. In addition, Arctic seas remain unfrozen. What he states about human activity leading to an ice age is totally false.

  3. Eyes Wide Open says:

    Anyone know why IJIS is not being updated?

  4. peterhodges says:

    you guys keep talking about holdren’s ice free statements.

    i am going to look for them, but if someone has a link please post it for me


  5. SteveS says:

    Almost One Million km2 Of New Arctic Ice In The Past Twelve Days

  6. Denis Ables says:

    Greenland is melting and the Arctic is icing up at the same time?

  7. R. de Haan says:


    The time is up; this forecast busted. The story date is Feb. 27, 2001!!

    “We are all waiting for the revised date of 2013 for an ice-free Arctic in the summer, though this was simply talking about shipping being able to get through by 2010”.

    And we all know that what NASA tells us is true.

    Sack the alarmists and incompetents, they are paid with public money and they are not worth a single dime.

  8. peterhodges says:

    thanks steve, i’ll have to take a listen

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