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US National Debt Could Paper Over California With Dollar Bills

The US National Debt will exceed $15 trillion dollars during the next year. You could paper over the entire state of California (or 2,327 Manhattans) with 15 trillion dollar bills. If you are more of a linear thinker, You could … Continue reading

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Eruption Of Laki – 1783

In 1783, the Laki volcano in Iceland erupted. Gases from the volcano killed most of the island’s livestock and as a result – one fourth of the human population starved to death.

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Still A Few Regions Of Occupied Territory

War report : The allied forces have now recaptured 83% of the lower 48. STOP

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Some People Just Can Not Take A Hint

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Arctic Blast Headed South


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Extreme Weather In Colorado In 1949

CO2 levels were 310 ppm, well below Hansen’s safe level of 350 ppm. Temperatures dropped over 100 degrees in one day. Blizzard of ’49 stranded hundreds of travelers By Arlene Ahlbrandt and Wayne C. Sundberg Wellington Centennial Committee There are … Continue reading

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Grist Suggesting Suicide For Alarmists

http://www.grist.org/ h/t to Tom Nelson    

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I Thought Ice Water Was Cold

Supposedly there are massive amounts of glacial ice and melt water pouring off the Greenland Ice Sheet into the surrounding seawater. Freshwater is less dense than seawater, so the cold water should be pooling on the surface. How odd that … Continue reading

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BBC Still Obsessed With The Losers

Win or lose, conservatives are invisible to the beeb.  

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National Geographic Signs On To The MWP

Even National Geographic is denying the hockey stick now.

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